Packaging specialist DUCAJU, with production sites in Meulebeke, Wielsbeke and Erpe-Mere, doesn't remain idle during this period. In Meulebeke, we start with the production of high-quality face masks for general use.

Breathe safe and comfortably

Comfort masks offer excellent protection with optimal wearing comfort and low breathing resistance. They are designed to minimise the transmission of bacteria and viruses. For single use, they are therefore safer than reusable face masks.

  • Nose and mouth protection
  • Single use
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Not suitable for medical use
  • Optimal wearing comfort
  • Filter capacity BFE min.95%
  • Dimensions: 175 mm x 95 mm

What are comfort masks?

Comfort masks are high-quality mouth masks for general use. Before you buy them, always check the BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency).This is a generally accepted standard of the mask's filter capacity.
Comfort masks from DUCAJU have a BFE of at least 95%, while surgical mouth masks have a BFE of at least 98%.

What's so special about comfort masks?

Comfort masks offer a high degree of protection in public spaces. They are perfect suited for daily use en match comfort - hence the name - with a high protection level. They are made with different filter material than the surgical masks, so that the best medical material is kept for our first line medical care.

Do comfort masks offer better protection than fabric masks?

Absolutely! ‘Fabric' is a very elastic concept, both literally and figuratively speaking. There are, of course, many variations, but it is generally assumed that fabric masks offer a rather weak level of protection. Studies show that they have a BFE of 30% to 40%. Compare this to the comfort masks that offer a BFE of at least 95% and surgical mouth masks that guarantee at least 98%.

Comfort masks offer are single-use masks, which greatly reduces the risk of recontamination. In addition, the protection does not depend on user discipline. After all, reusable masks need to be sterilised very regularly. Comfort masks don't involve any of this inconvenience. So they're ideal for companies and organisations that want to guarantee high-quality protection for their staff.

Breathe safely and comfortably

  • Schools
  • Home nursing 
  • Governments
  • Private use in public spaces
  • Public transport
  • Catering
  • Service companies




 From 2,000 


From 20,000 


From 100,000 


Price per mask 


€ 0,65



€ 0,55



€ 0,50


Prices excl. 6% VAT
Minimum order quantity: 2,000 masks.
Packed per 2,000 pieces (40 boxes of 50 masks)
Free shipping to 1 address within Belgium

Face shield

  • Face protection in cardboard 
  • Screen in biodegradable plastic
  • Single use
  • Less damping of the voice
  • Dimensions: 853 x 313 mm


Face shield


     > 100 ex.


    > 1000 ex.


    > 10000 ex.


    Price per piece


    € 2,24



    € 2,09



    € 1,94


    Prices excl. 6% VAT
    Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces 
    Packed per 100 pieces 
    Free shipping to 1 address within Belgium

    Reliable quality, a high degree of protection and comfortable to wear

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