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Jacob-Jan Du Caju starts a publishing/printing business.

The third generation, represented by Jean-Jacques Du Caju, moves to the centre of Aalst (where the first printer in the Low Countries, Dirk Martens, had set up shop some years after Gutenberg had invented printing).



Jean-Jacques Du Caju receives the certificate 'Au Nom de l'Empereur'

Emery Du Caju, who in England had learnt calligraphy for lithography (predecessor of offset printing), takes over the business



The business is passed on to Valéry Du Caju. In spite of the difficult war years and the subsequent national economic crisis, he succeeded in the further development of the company.

Jean Du Caju takes over the business. He converted the company into a modern typographic printing business (letterpress).



Jacques Du Caju takes over the business and sets up a new establishment in Aalst. ‘Drukkerij Du Caju' is converted into ‘Du Caju Printing'.

Tom Du Caju takes over the business (= 8th uninterrupted succession from father to son).



Today, Du Caju Printing is a modern automated company focussing on food-safe packaging according to the BRC certificate.