UV varnishes that are not suitable for food packaging and even those that are suitable but not processed properly (poor drying, addition of photoinitiators during the production process, etc.) represent a major risk with regard to foodstuff contamination due to migration. The production process is fraught with more dangers than drying using IR lamps. UV varnishes contain photoinitiators that migrate; you only have to think of 4-methylbenzophenone, even in, for example, a PE film. It is due to ITX and 4-methylbenzophenone that we have looked for an alternative food-safe procedure and Supergloss finally emerged.

A unique procedure with a combination of the right choice of dispersion varnishes suitable for foodstuffs and the best production process in order to apply these coatings in large/larger quantities. With this procedure, we can obtain a very high gloss with 90 gloss points on both GC and GD cardboard types. In order to achieve a good result, various high-gloss dispersion varnishes were tested on all kinds of cardboard types as part of various print tests.

• These dispersion varnishes do not contain any photoinitiators that may migrate. Supergloss is a water-based varnish and a water-based coating that is harmless to the environment. Supergloss does not contain any harmful phthalates or heavy metals.
• Supergloss has low taste or odour transfer.
• Supergloss can be applied onto both secondary and primary packaging and can even come in direct contact with foodstuffs if there is no printing present below the Supergloss varnish (for both dry and greasy foodstuffs). With Supergloss, you do not have to worry whether the inner bag or the film around the packaged foodstuffs forms an effective barrier - a barrier is not necessary.
• This is a price advantage compared to UV varnish and you also obtain a food-safe procedure with similar results.
• Supergloss's final results also produce a very good result with more tricky processing such as blind printing: UV varnishes form a hard layer on the printing that tends to break quickly with more tricky blind printing. Even the "breaking groove" phenomenon with UV is not an issue with the Supergloss procedure.
• Productions with UV-varnished boxes cause problems on our gluing line and also with the filling machines due to the "boxes slipping". This causes difficulties with packing and lower production speeds - this is prevented with Supergloss.
• Supergloss is less sensitive than UV varnish as far as fingerprints are concerned.
• Supergloss is a low-migration varnish.
• Supergloss varnishes comply with the EC 1935/2004 legislation and the 2002/72/EC plastics directive.
• Very good raw material traceability is ensured by our production process with Supergloss and also at our suppliers.
• Drying process monitoring is very important for food-safe packaging; this occurs at close intervals during printing. Supergloss is entirely food-safe in combination with our low-migration and low-odour inks and on the correct substrate.
• Supergloss offers you the possibility of implementing your corporate policy regarding food safety on your packaging